Lily Nightingale advocates an approach to wellbeing and mental health that looks at all aspects of the whole self - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She works with individuals and couples. 

"I wholeheartedly believe that we all have the ability to change our lives for the better. Whether you are struggling individually or in your relationships with feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, guilt, anger or feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy, you have the ability to emotionally heal and enjoy life again.

You don't need to stay stuck in habitual cycles that no longer serve you. Through exploration and practice, you can open up to a life of greater freedom, fulfilment, self-acceptance and peace." 

      Ask yourself if this resonates with you, the next step is easy -

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 As an experienced, long-established and effective therapist,  I can help you recognise, understand and transform any self-limiting patterns. Take your own time to deeply reconnect with what you really want. You can feel the contentment and natural flow of your own true pace. Finding what works so much better for you and your life. 

You'll learn practical and effective new strategies for your personal wellbeing and success. Discover how to gently clear any blocks which may be holding you back and build calm and resilient self belief.  Yes, you really can step into new possibilities for inner peace, love, vitality and happiness. 

Just imagine...having greater confidence, certainty and purpose...releasing your hurts...feeling relaxed and optimistic...enjoying better relationships...achieving your goals and building your dreams...step by step...   

Sessions are available in Leamington, Cheltenham and by Skype - 

WELCOME  to an oasis of opportunity…  a safe, private and tranquil setting for you to talk through your experiences.  Here's the time, space and support to help you reflect, clear any confusion and frustration, take charge of life’s challenges and build greater confidence.  So that you can find new clarity and the road map to navigate your next important steps. You can learn effective new strategies and identify the source of any problems. You can grow in self-esteem and awareness; understand yourself and others better. Regain your energy, vitality and creativity; reveal new solutions.  Discover and build your personal toolkit of resources for creating peace of mind and happiness.

My approach...Listening to you, I combine my experience, training, skills, intuition and expertise to help you rediscover your authentic self.  For nearly two decades, I have been successfully teaching people the same proven strategies and time-tested systems that I have used myself to overcome life's challenges.  Blending the pearls of psychotherapy; Transactional Analysis, with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, mindfulness, energy healing and emotional freedom technique (EFT).  Working together with you to help you achieve the real, sustainable change you desire.  Guiding you to overcome limiting habits, behaviours and beliefs, improve your relationships and release struggle, frustration, stress and worry. You can build resilient inner resources as an antidote to anxiety, confusion and depression. You can be happier. 

Change is possible for you... whatever the difficulty. You may be feeling stressed, confused, exhausted, angry, hurt, discouraged or overwhelmed… or you simply want to feel better... or transform your relationship...or heal a heartache…or achieve a goal…or find a new direction. By choosing to explore and enhance your self awareness, you will take a powerful step towards creating a winning life and a successful future. You can build up your courage and overcome resistance to the good changes you want.  You truly can learn new ways to make positive changes for happiness, health and wellbeing.